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    OLDI PG Cup: Useful information for foreign participants

"OLDI Computers" - The Main Sponsor of the tournament

OLDI PG Cup: General Information

Sign-up is avaiable: from Monday morning - till 14.30 CET on Saturday;
Confirmation: from 12.30 till 15.00 CET on Saturday;
Tournament begins: each Saturday, 15.10 CET;
Prize: 200 EU;
Number of players: no limit;
Maps: SV, LT, TR, TM, TS, EI, TI (download) - maps are listed here in the order they are played during the rounds (from 1 to 7);

The Head Admin: Navi|Fallen (icq 266-589-531, GGC account Proplay|Fallen)
Admins: uPro.west (icq 300-977-092, GGC account Proplay|West), TheWanderer (icq 262819916, GGC account GG.Wanderer), Ph  (icq 989-703 , GGC account Proplay|Ph).

GG Client - the official tournament platform

Dear foreign Warcraft players,

We are really glad to see you taking part in our new online Warcraft Tournament named "OLDI PG Cup"!

If you have some experience in participating any other online tournament (e.g. well-known "Incup"), you will find our OLDI ProPlay Cup very familiar. But still there are some differences you need to know and the following information would be very useful. We will explain you how to register on and why it's necessary to do so, how to Sign-up and Confirm your registration for the Tournament, what are the major rules of OLDI ProPlay Cup and just things you should better pay attention to.

The 1st Step: Registration on

First of all, you will need to register on our site: this is the only way you can take part in the Tournament. It will take about a minute of your time.

Click here to open the register form

- In the first field you need to enter a nickname you want to be known under during the OLDI ProPlay Cup. This nickname should be spelled same way, as the one you already have on, Europe, and are going to use in the Tournament. It is very important for your opponent and us to find you during the cup without any problems. There is one more important thing you should know: it is forbidden to play using smurf accounts. If such a smurfer is caught, we will surely ban him for all the future tournaments of the season.
- In the 2nd field type your real mail to get the letter with very necessary data: name and password.

After that press "Register" button in the end of the form and soon you will get a mail with password.

Now you can use them to Log In on 

Welcome to!

...the 2nd Step:.. Sign-up and Confirmation for OLDI PG Cup

After the registration you can Sign-up for the Tournament: it is possible to do any time you like from Monday morning till 14.30 CET on SaturdayIn sign-up page you can see all those players who have already registered for the Tournament. Scroll it to the end and press the grey button to register.

Then you need to Confirm your registration from 12.30 till 15.00 CET on Saturday. If you click to that link in the proper time, in the center of the new page you will see a message like that: the grey button again. That's it! Now you can prepare for games.

The Grid will be available at 15.10. You can also find a link to the Grid on the main page, under the tournament banner ("View Grid").


...And the 3rd Step: Useful info and a the most important rules for you to know

After the Grid is done, you should go to the OLDI PP Cup room in GG Client, where you are to find your first opponent:

Meeting Point in GG Client: Leagues and Tournaments --> War3 TFT --> OLDI PG Cup.

The main platform of the Tournament is GG Client, so if your opponent for some reason cant play through GG Client you will get a def win. Still you can try to play on Europe if you want.

Attention! Save all your replays to avoid many different problems. Besides, if you reached the semifinals, the head Admin will ask you to send him all you replays from the OLDI PG Cup.

Maps for 7 rounds are already appointed:

- 1 round - Secret Valley
- 2 round - Lost Temple (RoC, ofc)
- 3 round - Turtle Rock
- 4 round  - Twisted Meadows
- 5 round - Terenas Stand
- 6 round - Echo Isles
- 7 round - Treasure Island (download)

Tournament has a Single Elimination system. All games are played in BO1 system, except semi- and finals. The semifinals system is BO3 and the final BO5.

If your opponent isn't online you should wait him for 15 minutes and then, if he still hasn't shown up, contact one of the admins. He will try to find your opponent, and if an Admin also won't succeed in searching your opponent, you will get a def win.

Our admins will try to help you to solve problems such as inability to contact the opponnt, wrong result in the grid etc. Just contact them:

The Head Admin: Navi|Fallen (icq 266-589-531, GGC account Proplay|Fallen)
Admins: uPro.west (icq 300-977-092, GGC account Proplay|West), TheWanderer (icq 262819916, GGC account GG.Wanderer), Ph  (icq 989-703 , GGC account Proplay|Ph).

Attention! The loser of a game has to report his loss (the button is near your nickname in the Grid). Who fails to report his loss will be banned for the next tournament. Please, be attentive!

If you have some urgent questions or complicated/difficult situation about OLDI PG Cup, contact the editor-in-chief of - Mikhail "Miker" Mirchouk (ICQ 232-552-502, bnet account: Miker,


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